Friday, March 18, 2011

4:52 AM

I cannot sleep. I have been frantically searching the internet about people's experiences in the Peace Corps, Africa and Cameroon. I keep reading blog after blog attempting to figure out what I should expect and how I should prepare. I am tired, but I cannot keep researching. My emotions are going times I am through the roof excited, other times I want to vomit because I am so nervous. My sister said it best today, Don't think...Just do. That will be my mantra.

I have started to get things for my 27 months. So far, I have a backpack, pair of pants, skirt and a couple shirts. I am not quite sure how one prepares for this. If anyone has suggestions...I would love some help!

I leave for Cameroon in 73 days.

Don't think. Just do.

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