Sunday, June 19, 2011


For your cell phone, it is pay as you go. Today when putting money on my phone I was given a lovely gift of a caramel ball. It looked amazing and I didn’t want to refuse the caramel, so I took it and held on to it. During my classes with the Peace Corps, we read all of the possible medical problems that could go wrong with us. Now having all of this new information in the back of my head, the caramel is not sounding too appealing. Somehow having a bout of dysentery does not sound like an enjoyable way to start my time in Cameroon! So now I have a delicious caramel in my hand and I do not want to waste it. What do I do? Give it to some kids! Their stomachs are strong and plus they are great French Teachers! SUCCESS!

I have eaten more fish in 12 days than I have eaten in 12 years combined. I am not complaining though. I would rather have fish than bush meat. Poisson I understand; bush meat I do not. The only thing I have to worry about when eating fish is eating the head or tail (which in Cameroon the head is given to the guest of honor). I think in my broken French I have made it clear that my Mama should always have the head! I have been taught that if you don’t want to eat something put a twist on it and give it to the head of the house. Apparently this will get me out of eating a lot of crazy things! Except, I did eat a fish eye; some people in my group said that they would buy me a coke if I ate it. I wanted a story to write home and a coke sounded refreshing, so I ate it!

So far I have had 6 shots and I need to get 1 more to finish out my rabies shot series. Other than that, I have been loving being in Cameroon! We have started business training. Never before have I been gitty with excitement in class to learn. Friday we learned how to organize a Village Saving and Loan Group. The coconscious amongst our group is that this upcoming week is going to be the hardest. French emersion starts tomorrow. Never before have I been so unprepared for something I am so passionate about. Thank God the Peace Corps provides language training and my friends who are fluent are helpful.

I miss you will come soon once I get a reliable internet source. I am thinking spending $50 a month might be worth it.


Kaytlin said...

hahahahahahah FISH EYE!!!!!!! well it sounds like you are fitting in very nicely D!!! I'm glad you're soaking everything in. You've always been one to want to learn more and I love you for that....

write more!!!!!!!!

Love you best friend miss you


Nina said...

how was the fish eye? i wanted more of a detailed explanation of what it tasted like!

how do i call you? skype? i am super confused!!!

I am proud of you & we miss you a lot! i love how often you are updating us so we know you are safe!

What is bush meat? is it usually a certain animal & do they cook it?

Love you lots!!!

Cheril said...

No, thank you, but I do NOT want to know what the fish eye tasted like. If you get used to it, I will admire you. If you bring one home, I will throw up on you. Love ya!