Monday, September 19, 2011

African Success!

Uploading pictures is an absolute feat here in Africa. 4 hours and 2 failed attempts later, the photos are now ready for your viewing pleasure. Thank yous can be send in forms of mac & cheese cheese packets. Only slightly kidding, and by slightly I mean not at all.

This is my favorite picture. I took a walk with my post mate, Andrew, and we turned around once we couldn't pass the river in the middle of the path.

This was the last of 7 school that I visited with UNICEF and UNHCR to see the progress of the projects at the schools around Meiganga. Hopefully I will have more information later on about these projects.

Oh rainy season! This was the traffic jam with over a hundred trucks waiting to get through this section of road. The passengers in my bus had to get out and walk this section while the men push our bus.

On a field trip during stage (before I officially became a volunteer). I forget the name of the village, but I just thought that this village was beautiful! The houses all have the pyramid roofs because the people believe that they are descendants from one of the 12 Tribes of Israel that came down through Egypt.  

And I will end with entry with a video that everyone sings here...including myself.

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