Friday, December 23, 2011

Karma in Cat Form

For those of you who have known me since the days when I would not let you comb my hair, kick and scream, ask “why” a billion times, or wake my parents up informing them that I did not feel like cooperating today at 5am; I have received my karma, in the form of a cat, for all my deranging that I did as a child. I am sure that the “Cat Gods” are finding this quite amusing.

I decided a few weeks ago that I would close the hole in the window so Makala cannot leave the house while I am gone. (Important background information: my cat is black. People here believe in sorcery and use black cats for sorcery purposes. So I closed the window because I would like to have my cat for 2 years and not have him wind up as sorcery meat.) Let’s just say that Makala was less than enthusiastic with this decision. 

Generally, I wake up around 5:52 every morning to Makala crying. Well the other morning I let Makala cry for a about 30 minutes before I decided to leave the comforts of my bed to make sure that he did not set my house on fire. Well this brilliant cat got himself stuck in between the screen door and the door. He crawled through the little opening in the screen but could not manage to get himself out. So naturally he decided to climb his way out. And thus, this is how this photo came about.

The next day I hear Makala crying. Once again I just let him cry because all he ever does is cry.  Well Makala decided to climb to banana tree outside of my house and hop on over to my neighbor’s roof.  Then he could not figure out his way down. So I came to the rescue once again.

And I will end with this gem of a video. This. Is. My. Daily. Life. With. Makala.


Nina said...

my thoughts as i watched this video:
1. You have tile floor?
2. I never thought of you as a cat person
3. He is little, so much cuter than a US cat
4. you have a dining room table?
5. I thought you were in a one room, dirt floor like hut, I am much more at ease that you can live there for 2 years.

Danielle said...

1. yes I have tiled floors in my living room...the rest of my house is concrete with plastic rugs.
2. I never thought myself as a cat person as well...but I like having the company around.
3. everything is little here...animals and people included. (not enough people knowing about healthy foods)
4. My dining room table is my land lords and he is lending it to me...I don't think he has enough space in his house
5. I live nicely...but I realized that I would rather have a would be so much cleaner and easier!