Sunday, April 1, 2012


My mom would not be proud of me. I can still hear her yell from downstairs, “Turn off the TV!” I am not exactly sure what I thought my life would be like when joining the Peace Corps; maybe a mud hut with a grass roof, no electricity or water and definitely not enough TV and movies on my external hard drive to make Netfix worried that I might be able take over their business.

I am ashamed to say that I have watched countless movies and TV shows. I have an addiction to my computer (also known as my portal into the modern world). Something needs to change. During my first 3 months I escaped into the world of the circus in Water for Elephants, relived each of the housekeepers’ stories in The Help and reevaluated my perception of how to look at problems with Journey to the East; but I hit a plateau. I cannot remember what the last book I read or even when I read it.

Times are a changin' over here in Meiganga. This girl is hiding her external hard drive and picking up her Kindle. First on the list to reread The Red Tent and Rebecca; two of my favorite books. Then maybe after I will start the Hunger Game series  because I am almost positive with the way my newsfeed on Facebook is blowing up about the movie/books when I come home and have not read the books people will be more shocked than the fact that I just came home from Cameroon.

Other than this not-so-monumental news from me, my life is pretty standard here. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Well maybe a few things; yesterday for breakfast I had oatmeal with brown sugar (thanks Aunt Michela), bacon (thanks Uncle D and gang!) and Starbucks (Thanks Mom & Dad). Its days like that when you have a taste from home it makes being away that much easier. Now today I am having my hand at making my favorite Cameroonian dish: Peanut Sauce with Rice. And after 2 months of no running water I will indulge in a warm shower in the afternoon. (No I do not have a hot water heater, because it is so hot out right now the water pipes heat up thus giving me warm water.)

I ask now that you say a little prayer or send positive healing vibes, whichever you prefer, over to two very important people in my life; My Dad and Tamera Topping. Pray that my dad can finally put this prostate cancer forever behind him and that Tamera will have the strength necessary to continue to battle her cancer with such grace and positivity like she has been. Bon guérison et du courage!

And I just want to throw this picture in because this is a hodgepodge of a blog post. Spiderman was spotted in my concession.

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JP said...

Your mom may be upset, but we all understand you gotta do what you gotta do out there. So I say enjoy your movies. I watched every episode of Arrested Development at least 10 times. Stay strong. Love, JP