Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"You are Never Strong Enough that you Don't Need Help"

This amazing quote is from Cesar Chavez. My good friend from Arizona, whom also shares a love of quotes, sent this to me. As June 1st quickly approaches, it is starting to sink in that I will be leaving for a long time. So I ask this of you because I know that I am not strong enough that I do not need help. I ask that you pray to help prepare my heart for my upcoming journey. I am coming home this Wednesday and I am starting to move things home; so also ask that you pray for my move back home.

On a side note, for my move back home my good friend from high school, Lesley, is making the journey with me. She decided that because she is not about to visit me in Africa a fun road trip should be in order. So our plan is for me to be back in good old North Tustin by May 8th!!!

Like I said earlier, I will be home Wednesday! I am so excited. I hope to see as many people as possible. If I miss someone, don't worry I will have almost a month of free time in May :)

As I conclude this post (and I apologize for the bouncing a around), I just ask that you pray that God gives me the Strength as well as my family the Strength to prepare us for my journey ahead. But please remember this quote, because more often than not, we think that we are strong enough to handle it on our own. We are not, which is fine. That is why we have a community to lean on and an amazing God on our side.


Cheril said...

Danielle, you already have the strength. That's why God chose you to do this (but we'll pray for you anyway!)

Tamara said...

You remind me of one of my favorite verses...Paul shares with the Corinthians what God has told him:
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2Cor. 12:10

God has prepared you for this, Danielle, and His power will make you effective for Him. He will help you do work that will have everlasting value.

I'm exciting to see how he will use you!!


Eileen Paulin said...

As you ask for strength for the journey, we know you are a light to the world and will be shining on our behalf. God Bless you. May you have a Rosary Royal Road Trip! Can't wait to see you. xxoo
Eileen and Fam