Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue Skies and All Smiles!

As I write this blog entry, I am looking outside my window in my living room. The sun has broken through the clouds and finally I get to see blue skies. This is fitting for how I am feeling. (On a funny note, April 1st aka. April Fool's Day it was a beautiful day, 60 degrees and sunny. Then the next day it was beyond freezing! That was a mean April Fools joke on us Portland!)

My departure date is quickly approaching. I am experiencing a wide variety of emotions. But mostly excitement. I have started getting little things in order. I bought a few Portland Timbers things. They are the local MLS. I figure that seeing that I am moving to a country that loves soccer, Timbers apparel and random stuff would be appropriate.

This is a video of what previous PCV have done during their service. Hopefully this helps explain what I might be doing!!

Well life in Portland has been exciting! I have been busy enjoying life here. Its weird to say this, but I am going to miss it! I might need to move back at some point! But here are some my most recent pictures.

I went to a Holi party, which in the Indian culture celebrates the start of spring. You celebrate by throwing color on everyone! New item on my bucket in India for Holi!

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Eileen Paulin said...

Danielle, the video was a great explanation of what you will be doing on your assignment. Thank you for posting it!